Maryland EXCELS Toolkit  

Quality Rating 5

You are a superhero in the work you do every day. Quality Rating 5 is your program’s chance to be a Maryland EXCELS superhero.

Quality Rating 5 reflects a commitment to the highest quality standards in the Maryland EXCELS System. At this level, quality practices are evident in a range of family engagement opportunities, demonstrated cultural competence, and curriculum-based learning experiences. In addition, programs complete the accreditation process to achieve this highest quality rating.

The menu above allows you to access helpful information and tools by individual content areas. The checklist below provides a snapshot view of Quality Rating 5 across all content areas. You can access the same resources and tools from the snapshot view.

Checklist for Quality Rating 5
Licensing & Compliance (LIC)
Staff Qualifications & Professional Development (STF) Accreditation & Rating Scales (ACR) Developmentally Appropriate Learning & Practice (DAP)
Administrative Policies & Practices (ADM)
Licensing & Compliance (LIC) for School-Age Only
Staff Qualifications & Professional Development (STF) for School-Age Only Accreditation & Rating Scales  for School-Age Only Developmentally Appropriate Learning & Practice (DAP) for School-Age Only Administrative Policies & Practices (ADM) for School-Age Only