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Developmental Screening: Licensing Requirements

Developmental screening is a way to track milestones as a child grows and develops. Research shows that early intervention helps improve outcomes for children who are slow to meet developmental milestones. Identifying and addressing concerns that may arise during the early years are the first steps in putting a child on a path to a stronger future.

Developmental Screening requirements will become a licensing regulation. The date for this new regulation is yet to be determined. When this regulation takes effect, no additional documentation will be needed for Maryland EXCELS.

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Keep Children’s Development on Track

If you are interested in familiarizing yourself with Developmentally Appropriate Learning and Practice: Developmental Screening: DAP 8.4 in preparation for meeting this future Licensing regulation, select the Requirements tab to review information related to your program type.


The following interactive shows the requirements for Developmentally Appropriate Learning and Practice: Developmental Screening: DAP 8.4. New Licensing regulations are currently pending.

Select your program type to view the Maryland EXCELS requirements once these regulations take effect.


  Child Care Center

  Family Child Care
DAP 8.4: Developmental Screening Developmental Screenings are conducted on all children (Birth through age 5) within 90 days of enrollment and at scheduled intervals as determined by MSDE; results are shared with families, and referrals are made when appropriate. (Date to be determined)

  School-Age Only
DAP 8.4: Developmental Screening There are no Developmental Screening requirements for School-Age Only programs.