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Quality Rating 4

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Quality Rating 4 helps your program fine tune its practices in areas such as observation, selection of learning materials, and expanded policies written for families and staff members. At this level, your program’s quality is evident in all the ways you nurture, encourage, and support children and families.

The menu above provides access to helpful information and tools by individual content areas. The checklist below is a snapshot view of Quality Rating 4 across all content areas. You can access the same resources and tools from either the top menu or the checklist below.

Checklist for Quality Rating 4
Licensing & Compliance (LIC)
Staff Qualifications & Professional Development (STF) Accreditation & Rating Scales (ACR) Developmentally Appropriate Learning & Practice (DAP)
Administrative Policies & Practices (ADM)
Licensing & Compliance (LIC) for School-Age Only
Staff Qualifications & Professional Development (STF) for School-Age Only Accreditation & Rating Scales  for School-Age Only Developmentally Appropriate Learning & Practice (DAP) for School-Age Only Administrative Policies & Practices (ADM) for School-Age Only