Maryland EXCELS Toolkit  

Conference Schedule & Statement (Family Child Care / Child Care Centers)

Communication Policy (School-Age Only)

Daily communication is one way to build relationships with families, but family conferences help to strengthen those important connections. Conferences give you and families a chance to discuss a child’s development, progress, interests, background experiences, and other topics that support the child’s success.

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Families as Partners

This section guides you through reviewing, revising, or creating a written statement or policy that explains your program’s approach to family conferences or family communication. Family Child Care and Child Care Center programs will submit a statement about family conferences and include a conference schedule. School-Age Only programs will develop a communication policy.

Select the Requirements tab for information on what to include in your written statement or policy for:

  • Administrative Policies and Practices: Family Conferences: ADM 6.3 (Family Child Care / Child Care Centers)
  • Administrative Policies and Practices: Family Communication: ADM 6.3 (School-Age Only)


The following interactive shows the requirements for ADM 6.3. Key requirements are marked by a bright dot. Select each dot for information about what to include in your documentation.

Select the option that applies to your program type:


  Child Care Center
ADM 6.3: Family Conferences Program conducts family conferences at least once a year. Documentation to submit: Family Conferences Schedule & Statement

  Family Child Care
ADM 6.3: Family Conferences Provider conducts family conferences at least once a year. Documentation to submit: Family Conferences Schedule & Statement

  School-Age Only
ADM 6.3: Family Communication Staff members communicate with families and / or teachers about child progress, concerns, and program planning. Documentation to submit: Communication Policy



Instructions for creating a Family Conferences statement or a Communication Policy vary slightly depending on your program type:


  Instructions for Child Care Centers

  Instructions for Family Child Care

  Instructions for School-Age Only

Final Touches

Check your Family Conference statement or Communication Policy as you prepare to upload it to the Maryland EXCELS System.


Check to be sure your documentation includes:

Family Child Care and Child Care Centers

  • How families are informed of conferences
  • How families sign up for a conference

School-Age Only

  • A child’s progress
  • Areas of concern
  • Program Planning

Save your document:

  • Use a file name that you can find easily when you upload it to the system. (example: family-conferences.docx)
  • Use any one of these formats:
    • Typed electronic version (examples: Microsoft Word, PDF)
    • Scanned version (examples: PDF, PNG, JPG)
    • Digital image / picture (examples: JPG, PNG, PDF)

Next Steps

Use the following guide to upload your documentation, look ahead, and plan for ongoing improvement.


Step 1: Prepare to Upload Your Document

  • Locate your username and password for logging into your Maryland EXCELS account
  • Locate the document you saved on the computer

Step 2: Look Ahead and Plan for Improvement

Look Ahead

If yours is a Family Child Care or Child Care Center program and you offer conferences more than once a year, your conference schedule and statement might meet the requirements for ADM 6.4 and ADM 6.5!

If yours is a School-Age Only program, and you and your staff offer family conferences, your policy may meet the requirements for ADM 6.4.

Plan for Improvement

If you meet less often or more informally with families, set a goal to learn more about the benefits of conferencing regularly with families. Or, explore tips for making the most of family conferences and communication. Then, schedule a time to meet with each family, or to communicate with teachers, to discuss children’s progress and to exchange important information with one another.


Step 3: Upload Your Documentation (ADM 6.3)

Log in to the Maryland EXCELS System to upload your statement that describes your program’s approach to family conferences.

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Upload Documentation