Maryland EXCELS Toolkit  

Daily Schedule and Recent Lesson Plan (within the past 6 months)

Children develop, learn, and thrive in environments that provide positive interactions and engaging activities. Creating environments where all children thrive requires careful planning and organization, especially since no two children are exactly alike.

Purposeful schedules, daily routines, and meaningful activities are important elements in environments that support children’s development and learning. In these settings, lesson plans are individualized to meet the unique needs of all children, including children with special health care needs or disabilities. Schedules include multiple opportunities for children to interact and learn through whole group, small group, and individual activities. Adequate time and support allow children to move easily from one activity to another. Activities and experiences contribute to early literacy skill development and promote school-readiness.

young girl painting rainbow color splotches on a wall above a Sunday through Saturday schedule
Daily Routines and Meaningful Activities

This section guides you to review and adjust your current schedule and a recent lesson plan, or to develop a new schedule and lesson plan that meets the requirements for Developmentally Appropriate Learning and Practice: Implementation: DAP 6.2 (DAP 5.2 – School-Age Only).

Select the Requirements tab to learn about key information to include in your daily schedule and lesson plan.