Maryland EXCELS Toolkit  

Quality Rating 1

Welcome to Maryland EXCELS!

Quality Rating 1 is an excellent place to begin with Maryland EXCELS. The resources in this section are designed to help you document your program's commitment to meeting high standards - standards that go above and beyond rigorous licensing requirements.

The menu above gives you access to helpful information and tools by individual content areas. The checklist below provides a snapshot view of Quality Rating 1 across all content areas. You can access the same resources and tools from both the top menu and the checklist below

Checklist for Quality Rating 1
Licensing & Compliance (LIC)
Staff Qualifications & Professional Development (STF)
Developmentally Appropriate Learning & Practice (DAP)
Administrative Policies & Practices (ADM)
Licensing & Compliance (LIC)  for School-Age Only
Staff Qualifications & Professional Development (STF)  for School-Age Only
Developmentally Appropriate Learning & Practice (DAP)   for School-Age Only Administrative Policies & Practices (ADM) for School-Age Only